Padel is a sport which combines action with fun and social interaction.


Padel is a sport which combines action with fun and social interaction. It’s great for people of all ages and skill levels. It is quick and easy to pick up with most players getting the basics within the first half an hour of playing. Meaning they can very quickly enjoy the game.

Padel is not dominated by strength, technique and serving like tennis. But rather court craft, strategy and teamwork. This results in a social, competitive sport where men and women and people of different ages can all compete together.

Game Play


Padel is a mix between Tennis and Squash. It’s usually played as doubles on a court one third the size of a tennis court. The court is  enclosed by glass walls and metal fences.

The walls offer a unique dimension to the game. The ball can bounce off any wall after bouncing but must be returned before a second bounce. This makes for longer, faster and more exciting rallies.


Padel Racquet


Padel is played with a short, hard faced racquet with an elastic core called a Padel. Balls are similar to tennis balls but with a slightly lower compression.


Padel Rules


Padel is scored in the same way as tennis. Most rules are similar to Tennis, with two notable exceptions-

1. The serve in Padel is underarm.
2. The rules allow for the use of the back and sidewalls in a similar way to squash.

This results in longer rallies than tennis. Where points are won with strategy than by strength and power.